Bamboo Korean Restaurant, located on Park End Street, Oxford



Lovely atmosphere, great service, amazing food and lots of it. We ordered a fixed price meal and the food just kept on coming, (we had to take home a doggy bag). It was our first experience of Korean food and we loved it. Really tasty and spicey. Some ingredients we didn't know but the staff were happy to explain what they were. We will definately go back.

“Excellent Korean Food ”

Stopped bye for lunch today blue myself to see how it was for lunch. I was not disappointed. Excellent food and service. I will definitely be back.

“Very impressive”

I didn't expect good service but I did expect good authentic food. I was recommended this place by a Korean local. I got excellent food and the service was even better. Very attentive and willing to help. Went on a Wednesday, going on a Saturday next.... Don't let me down! Fingers crossed I might have a new fave.

“Great Korean food! Now my favourite restaurant in Oxford.”

I have been to this restaurant since it was first opened in Oxford and I can definitely see the improvement in the service by members of staff. The food was great right from the beginning and are reasonably priced as well. There was once during my visit that the staff served the wrong food instead of the one we ordered, the owner was kind enough to give us the wrongly served food for free in addition to serving us the correct order. This is top notch customer service and in combination with the great food, I highly recommend this restaurant!

“Excellent place!”

Looking at some of the earlier reviews, I get the impression someone has been trying to organise a systematic smear campaign! Let me emphasize that I am not connected to the restaurant in any way, and I do not know any of the people who work there. I just visited Bamboo earlier this week, with a group of 12 teenagers, virtually all of whom ordered different dishes. The ingredients were fresh, the grilled meat was piping hot, the cooking was excellent, the staff was quick, friendly and helpful, the menus were crystal-clear, the décor was pleasant, the toilets were clean, and the prices were surprisingly reasonable. We all had a really good time, and I'd recommend the place to anyone who want to try Korean cuisine.